WWDC Wishes

June 4, 2021

It’s another June, and WWDC is right around the corner. The annual keynote is on Monday and will be delivered virtually just like last year. I really miss going to WWDC in person, but the virtual keynotes are really nice. It’s just a totally different vibe.

I’m not as plugged into the Apple ecosystem as I have been in years past, but there are so many things I’d like to see changed and improved this year. Here’s a few items for my wishlist:

  • iPadOS: The iPad hardware is so amazing and getting better every year. But the OS and its software ecosystem is quite rough. The multitasking situation is confusing at best. Features like widgets and the App Library from the iPhone aren’t fully-baked or even existent on iPad. But overall the software just feels incomplete and incapable of replacing a Mac for most use cases. I’m not one of the people that needs a fully developer-friendly Xcode environment on the iPad, but a step in the direction of pro workflows would be amazing. Let the hardware shine with a usable and robust operating system!

  • A stable macOS: Can we stop redesigning the surface layers on macOS, and spend some time polishing the internals of what’s already here? The standard apps, especially Mail, are less stable and useful than ever. Core operating system features like notifications are continuously broken for me. I shouldn’t have to force quit Notification Center daily. A stability and overall improvement is strongly needed here.

  • A Pro M1 Story: I know that WWDC is typically a software event, but the main thing I’m looking forward to over the coming months is hardware. The M1 is amazing, by almost all accounts. But we’ve only seen it on the low-end of the product range. What is the story going to be for the Pro-level products? MacBook Pro, iMac 27", and the Mac Pro. I’m not sure we’ll know next week, but this is a wishlist, not a prediction.

  • External display for the rest of us: The last WWDC that I attended saw the introduction of the Pro Display XDR: an incredible high-end monitor that cost $5k and didn’t even include a stand to put it on. The audience groaned when they announced the price. How about a monitor that the rest of the 99% of your users can justify, Apple? Let’s do this.

Looking forward to Monday!