Fall in Oklahoma

Some signs of a late fall in Oklahoma.

Beaver’s Bend State Park is one of my new favorite places.


No trip to San Francisco would be complete without at least one fantastic restaurant visit. This time we took a Mission detour to a little Roman-style Italian restaurant called Locanda recommended by some local friends. Pictured is the radiatore with lamb ragu, a fantastically-prepared simple bucatini, lamb carpaccio and a few fried olives thrown in for good measure. If you’re in the area, this place is amazing and highly recommended.

Blue Skies

Up in the Air

Somewhere over New Mexico. This view never gets old.

Up in the Air

Muir Woods Beach

Muir Woods Bridge

During our recent trip to San Francisco, we took some time away for an afternoon to explore Muir Woods. Well, as it turns out, with a sleeping baby in the back seat we decided not to risk disaster and actually stop to get out of the car. So our version of exploring was to drive around the hills and take everything in from within the car. Eventually, we did stop a bit to walk around on the beach area. Here’s just a few of the scenes along our stop.

Muir Woods Fog

Dub Dub

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Apple’s 2014 World Wide Developers Conference, aka WWDC. (Although for everyone there, it is really aka “dub dub”.) It was an incredible experience. It was a whirlwind 5-day-long nerd sensory overload that left me energized, humbled and ready for a fantastic year. Here’s just a few photos snapped along the way.


A recent episode of shuffleboard. This game is tougher than it looks.

Long Winter

It has been a long winter here in Texas. Well, long for us. Typically we’ll get a few weeks of cold but it seems this year like we’ve been bundling up for months. To make it more fun, we’ve had sick kids for weeks now and are finally looking to be coming out of the fog. The weather is warming, and we’re welcoming it with open arms.

This photo was taken as part of my daily walk with our almost-two-year-old. We walk past these sad little cacti struggling to hold on everyday; just waiting for spring to get here as much as we are.

Truck Yard

One of the best new places in town is a little city block converted to an outdoor eatery called the Truck Yard. It is nothing fancy, but they have great food trucks daily and a perfect little outdoor ambiance that makes you forget you are in the middle of a modern city. And of course, plenty of unnecessarily-over-the-top neon signs.


Some snow and ice from Colorado this week.


A few shots around the fountains of Klyde Warren Park.

Sandy Lights

It has been a busy few months. Getting the chance to snap a few photos has been less of a priority than I would like, but alas, that’s how these things go. Nonetheless, I was walking around Klyde Warren Park recently just after dusk and caught a few of the city lights atop the sandy walkways of the park. Here’s hoping for a few more shots soon.


Putting a fresh coat a paint on our first home. And, of course, rocking out a bit while doing so.

Morning Rain

Just a few shots after a quick morning thunderstorm.

Memorial Day

I’ve been taking some time this weekend to relax and enjoy life. It’s been a wild ride over the past few weeks, but things are slowly coming together.

Before getting back to the hustle and bustle of the work week we’ve been enjoying some of the simpler things in life. A sprinkler, cheap plastic pool and some chubby thighs in the backyard are all we need. Blessed.


Fancy light bulbs seen in Driftwood, Texas.


This past week we enjoyed a nice picnic and concert outdoors at the Dallas Arboretum. I’m still amazed at what a beautiful oasis that place is in the middle of the city.

Warm Up

The spring has arrived in Dallas. The leaves are starting to come out and brown is turning to green. We’re enjoying many trips to the parks these days and of course snapping a few simple photos along the way.


Happy Easter!

One Year

This week was the first birthday of our baby girl. It’s been a crazy year with its ups and downs, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. We capped off the birthday celebration with a big party today including this homemade triple layer cake just for her. Happy Birthday baby girl.


It has been a wonderful Christmas week here in Dallas. We’ve had the first “white” Christmas in a long time, made some great food (cookies and fresh lobster) and celebrated with friends and family.

Merry Christmas to all!

Verde Camp

I spent the past few days on a business trip to Austin. While we were there we stayed at the lovely Verde Camp houses. Before breakfast one morning I snapped a few shots quickly of this scenic and quaint area. If you’re in South Austin with a group of people looking for a great place to stay, this is it.



Christmas tree shopping.

City Park

We spend a lot of time going to the various parks around the city of Dallas lately. It has been a warm and sunny fall and the walks through the neighborhoods keep our constantly growing, crawling, and trying-to-walking baby girl happy. I caught this shot right before sunset walking through the trails of one of our favorite spots in town.


Taking a much needed break off this week. Enjoying lots of coffee and pie making.