(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Where am I right now? I’m at home, sheltering in place. I hope you are too. Stay safe.

I’m currently building Air Mail, a digital weekly magazine I helped create with Graydon Carter, Alessandra Stanley, and a fine bunch of folks in New York. Air Mail launched in mid-2019 and since then I’ve been focused on improving the site for our readers, growing our subscriptions, improving our internal workflow, and supporting a growing team of editors to produce a weekly issue, published each Saturday.

For the past few years I’ve run a software development product studio called Tornow & Co. I haven’t even made a website for it yet. I should do that some day. Along with a small team, I’ve helped build and enhance products in health care, personal fitness, automotive, and many more industries. We specialize in helping companies get a product vision off the ground and into the wild.

I’m trying to share more online, starting with this website in 2020. We’ll see how it goes…


A few years ago, I co-founded a content aggregation and analytics startup called ZIG that has been written about in The New York Times, Fast Company, CNBC, and has been featured by Apple.

In 2019, ZIG was acquired by the Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Group.

Prior to that I spent several years leading the development team and running business operations for a mobile design and development shop in Dallas. Under my leadership, we grew the team from a handful of people to over 60 employees and full-time contractors while working with nationally recognized brands.