This is my now page, which is just a place for me to publish what I’m currently up to. I try and update it every so often, in case you’re curious what in the world I’m doing.

I’m currently the CTO of a digital weekly magazine called Air Mail. I’ve been building Air Mail, mostly from scratch, since 2018. I created Air Mail’s technology platform that has been used to serve millions of readers since our launch in 2019. The platform handles our public website, editing workflow, privacy-based advertising server, podcast production, email newsletter service, and much much more.

Last updated: Winter 2024

Previously …

A few years ago, I co-founded a content aggregation and analytics startup called ZIG that has been written about in The New York Times, Fast Company, CNBC, and has been featured by Apple. In 2019, ZIG was acquired by Billboard-Hollywood Reporter. It was a fun ride and I’m incredibly proud of the work we did at ZIG.

In the not too distant past I founded a software development product studio called Tornow & Co. I haven’t even made a website for it yet. (I should do that some day.) Along with a small team, I’ve helped build and enhance products in health care, personal fitness, automotive, and many more industries. My focus was in helping companies get a product vision off the ground and into the wild.