Commerce Street

February 29, 2020

Dear photo blog, my old friend. It's been over a year since we last spoke. You may have thought I no longer have been taking photos. But fear not! I'm still capturing pieces of the world around me with my camera but I just haven't shared any. This year will be different and I'll do my best to post a few as I go. In the mean time, here are a few posts from the past year that never got around to being shared.

Dallas has some lovely classic architecture in some areas and dreadfully boring corporate architecture in others. The Commerce and Main Street areas of downtown have some wonderful examples. These shots were taken during an early morning walk around town last spring.

Included is, perhaps, the most Dallas picture of all: a Lamborghini parked outside of one of the oldest buildings on the street.

Shadows on a building in Dallas
Overlooking the friendly Mercantile building in Dallas
The Joule Hotel in Dallas
The Joule Hotel in Dallas, with its pool overlooking the city to the right