Kerbey Lane Cafe

July 6, 2011

We spent the better part of the 4th of July weekend this year just hanging out and relaxing in the wonderful city of Austin, Texas. I should be clear about my bias: Austin is one of my favorite cities in the country. The city has its own unique, eccentric and flavorful style and it is a gem of a town hidden in an otherwise overly built up and chain restaurant centric land of Texas. We spent the majority of the weekend eating our way through various local dives and hot spots.

Kerbey Lane Cafe is one such local hot spot. Its existence is no secret, there are locations all around the city. But it is one of the few places that we go to every time we are even remotely close to Austin. The pancakes are phenomenal, the coffee does the trick and the quirky atmosphere tops it off. If you’re ever in Austin, you’ve got to go at least once.