How to become internet famous for $68

October 13, 2014

Kevin Ashton, writing on Medium:

His eyes fume from his Twitter profile: he is Hollywood-handsome with high cheekbones and dirty blond, collar-length hair. Next to his name is one of social media’s most prized possessions, Twitter’s blue “verified account” checkmark. Beneath it are numbers to make many in the online world jealous: Santiago Swallow has tens of thousands of followers. The tweets Swallow sends them are cryptic nuggets of wisdom that unroll like scrolls from digital fortune cookies: “Before you lose weight, find hope,” says one.

Sounds amazing.

There’s just one thing about Santiago Swallow that you won’t easily find online: I made him up.

This is a fantastic story about how easily someone can be created out of thin air, and made “influential”; online. We shouldn’t be so quick to believe everything we read online.