Friday Links: March 15

March 15, 2024

Happy Friday. A few links from this week that caught my eye:

TikTok Bill Passes House
If the bill passes the Senate and is signed by President Biden, TikTok would either need to be sold to a non-Chinese entity or be banned completely. In modern US politics, this is a rare bill with bipartisan support.

Android Browser Choice Screen
Just like the iOS version revealed a few weeks ago, Android users in the EU will see a screen letting them choose a default browser.

The Most Populous Cities in the World
YouTube video of animated city size by population. By Ollie Bye. (via Kottke)

Dave Winer adds a Blogroll
I used to love these so much, and I wish it was more common. What are the people I’m following reading? leading the way, again.

Callsheet is on vision OS
Nice work by Casey to get Callsheet working on Vision Pro. A great companion to watching TV & Movies on the device.

The first “AI software engineer” is here? We’ll see.