Stimulus 2.0 + Tailwind 2.0

Posted on December 10, 2020

Speaking of new stuff: I spent a few days this week upgrading my new project to use Stimulus 2.0 and Tailwind CSS 2.0, both out within the past few weeks.

I’m loving this new set up. I’ve used Stimulus a ton over the past few years, so that’s not particularly new to me. Although the new data values and classes APIs are pretty handy in 2.0.

But starting a project fresh in 2020 with all of the new good stuff, mostly Tailwind related, has been such a breath of fresh air. My app bundle is super small and focused on exactly what I need. I have a handful of generic Stimulus controllers that are used throughout the app to provide functionality. Nothing I’m doing there is limited to one particular context in the app: everything is reusable throughout.

There’s really never been a better time to develop for the web.