Rails 6.1 Released

Linked on December 10, 2020

Rails 6.1 has been officially released. Time keeps marching forward for this framework.

There are a couple of really nice features in here I’m looking forward to working with. I’ve been resisting using the new multi-db features for a while now and it might be perfect timing for me on Air Mail. Not that there’s anything wrong with the features, but mostly because I didn’t want to introduce extra complexity until it was absolutely necessary.

We’re currently storing a ton of user-related data (subscriptions, invoicing, preferences, usage, etc) and a totally separate set of editorial data (photos, articles, revision history, etc). I’m thinking it might be really nice to separate the two distinct functions out since they don’t need to do anything together. Then I can scale each piece of the pie independently. We’ll see.

Anyways, congrats to the Rails team. This is a great release.