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Painted Ladies

This is one of my favorite shots from our trip to San Francisco a few weeks back. It was completely unintentional (especially the feet!) but turned out to be a great perspective of the scene.

Golden Gate

We just returned from a long weekend trip to San Francisco. It was my first time. What a great city. Great weather. Amazing food. Enjoyed every minute.

I was only able to grab one picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and this is it. The fog overwhelmed the entire bridge, making it gloomy and dark even in mid day. What an amazing sight.

More to come from this trip soon.

Bishop Arts

The weather has been great here lately. Oddly enough, not too hot just yet. It was a perfect day for a walk around one of our favorite neighborhoods.

Chicken Scratch

One of my favorite new restaurants is a tiny little place outside of downtown called Chicken Scratch. The recently opened restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Tim Byres, of Smoke fame, so right from the start I was expecting big things.

This hot spot is noticeably out of place in the city of Dallas with its quiet and inviting courtyard, hollowed-out freight containers for seating and soundstage made entirely of shipping palettes. As you sit in the wide open courtyard on a warm summer night, you can’t help but feel like you are somewhere perhaps a little bit more exotic than a small city block (next to a trailer park) just a mile away from the upscale city skyline.

The atmosphere is just great, and the food is even better. Chicken Scratch’s specialities are pan-fried chicken, amazing hand-made side dishes, and the best biscuits you’ll find for a long while.Seriously.

They also have their own generic soda on tap. The root beer was already out the last time we went, but they had a great grape soda that was next in line. Bravo.

Father’s Day

There are a few things I typically don’t post a ton of pictures of: food and our baby girl. It would be easy for me to post daily pictures of meals eaten or the latest of her ever changing facial expressions. But that would be too easy. However, this post is a big exception. Today was my first Father’s Day, and we celebrated appropriately with copious amounts of seafood and family time.

On the menu was steamed shrimp, mac and cheese, and grilled red peppers, Portobella mushrooms and salmon. It couldn’t have been more fun (and delicious).

And this is the little girl that made it all possible:


A few days ago, our area was hit hard by a fast-moving yet hard-hitting hail storm. These sort of things happen in Texas often, but rarely of this size and strength. It was incredible. Our yard was coated with baseball-sized chunks of ice falling from thousands of feet in the air. Most of the cars on our street lost their windows, and ours were no exception. It was a bizarre storm that only lasted a few minutes, but served up an estimated $400 million in damages. These are a few quick shots from our front yard, minutes after the storm passed by. What a crazy night.

Lake House

We spent the Memorial Day weekend at a lovely lake house near Lake Texoma, on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. The scenery was beautiful, the food was great, and we had a great relaxing weekend away from town. It is amazing how much you can actually relax when there is nothing around to distract you.

Lakewood Medical

I pass by this building all the time and I’ve always thought it had a certain charm. I love the layered brick wall and the retro type used for the sign. Although, it probably wasn’t considered “retro” when it was put in. Either way, it is great to see it remain unchanged for so long.


One of the best perks about living in Texas is the yearly blessing of an extended spring season. From about March until May it is often in the mid-70’s and sunny outside. The weather is perfect for walking and spending time outside. Everything is momentarily green before the heat of the summer sets in and burns everything to a crisp, so we enjoy it while we can.

Half Marathon

Last weekend was the 3rd Annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Dallas. We walked down to the end of the street to cheer on over 14,000 participants. And most importantly we cheered on our sister Natalie who finished her first half marathon! We’re so impressed.


My new office is a pretty awesome place. In comparison to the more corporate environments that I’m used to, the space is a breath of fresh air. One of the highlights is the amazing hand-crafted wooden plank wall that adorns the entire south side of the room. It makes the perfect surface for the dart board and accompanying chalk scoreboard.

Lunch at the Lake

The two week break is about over and it is time to get back to normal life. Well, as much as we can with a newborn around the house. We celebrated one of my last days off by bringing the baby to the lake and having a little picnic. The weather has been great lately and it was a perfect day to be outside.

A New Addition

It has been pretty quiet around here and on Fish and Veggies lately. But for good reason! I am excited to announce that our baby girl, Grace, was born a few short weeks ago. Becoming a Dad for the first time has been the most incredible experience of my life, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


Last weekend, world renowned street artist Shepard Fairey was in Dallas. Along with his team he spent a few days painting several buildings in West Dallas, near the site of the soon-to-be-opened Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. The work is incredible. And even more incredible to me is the size of the work, and how quickly it was done. For drivers coming across the new bridge this spring, there will be an amazing display of modern art waiting for them on the other side.

Cheers to the Dallas Contemporary for inviting Shepard to Dallas.

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Cooking Lessons

A few us of gathered yesterday for a little cooking lesson at my brother-in-law’s new place. The lighting in his house is perfect at this point in the afternoon and it made for a fun, tasty and well-lit event. I’ll leave the food pictures to an upcoming post on Fish and Veggies, but here’s a few of my favorites in the mean time.

Update: Get the full story

And for those watching the event, there was plenty of cereal nearby for snacking.

Happy 2012

Happy New Year! 2011 was a great year full of significant events and major life changes. 2012 is shaping up to be no different, but we’ll get to that later. Here’s a few of my favorite moments from 2011:


I’ve been doing a bit of furniture resurfacing lately to prepare the nursery. It feels great to be out in the garage working on something again.

Kelley McRae at Opening Bell

Kelley McRae and her badass guitar playing husband Matt — old friends of my wife — were in town a few weeks ago. They are possibly two of the coolest people you will ever meet. We had dinner before their gig at The Opening Bell coffee shop and we just listened to them talk about their adventures as they travel around the country in their VW Westfalia van. They played a great show, said goodbye and were off to the next stop on the tour.

Oh, and Kelley now comes equipped with this great little stomp box that Matt made himself.