May 20, 2011

My love affair with the Bishop Arts District continues. Today’s ode to The District comes in the form of a corner restaurant named Oddfellows.

As soon as you enter the dining room you’ll notice the massive espresso machine directly behind the hostess stand. Off to a good start. They were proudly displaying french press propaganda so we gladly obliged and ordered a round. The coffee was amazing. Our waitress told us of the owners’ friendship with a Colombian grower that ships raw beans directly to a roaster in Austin. Luckily for the rest of us, they’ll sell you a pound.

The food was equally amazing and, as the older gentleman next to me mentioned a few times, all of their food is local and fresh. He especially cared for the local peaches and not “those ones that just look good from California.” The beignets and homemade pepper bacon omelette were more my speed. But either way, the place was fantastic. I haven’t found a spot in The District yet that disappoints.