The New Boss

October 20, 2014

Blake Griffin, writing in Derek Jeter’s new venture, The Players’ Tribune:

Ballmer wants to win no matter the cost. Donald Sterling didn’t care if we won – at least if it meant he had to spend money. It wasn’t just about spending money on players. For years, our training staff wanted to buy this sophisticated computer software that would let them scan our bodies and keep track of our progress throughout the season. Sterling wouldn’t sign off on it.

When I walked into the training facility for the first time this summer, the entire vibe was different. People were smiling. From the security people to the game operations staff to the office staff, everybody seemed happy to be there. For the first time ever, they were on permanent contracts. Under Sterling, all the staff were on temporary contracts. Top to bottom, everybody just appreciates being appreciated now.

When I walked into the trainer’s room, the staff was going crazy. They showed me the new body scanning software. Ballmer signed off on it Day 1.

First, The Players’ Tribune is a fantastic site. They are about 4 articles in, and already it is must read for any sports fan. The site is extremely well done, well designed and carefully edited.

Second, Steve Ballmer is going to be a fantastic NBA owner. Clearly he understands how to make everyone feel respected, whether they are the star player or a security guard.