Spring Apple Event

April 22, 2021

This week’s Apple Event had a few interesting details to me. I’m a few days late here after some travel, but catching up on all of the latest.

First, they could have stopped the entire presentation after the redesign of the Apple TV “Siri” remote and I’d have been happy. The current Apple TV remote control is one of the strangest products I think Apple has ever released. It seemed inexplicably designed by someone that has never used a remote control on a couch to watch TV. It was even stranger that it remained basically unchanged for so many years.

Many years from now, when the current Apple employees are retired and writing books, I hope we can learn about some of these questionable decisions (including the newly replaced MacBook butterfly keyboards) that went into this era of Apple design. There have to be stories here.

Second, AirTags look pretty nice. As rumored for several years, these devices will be used to locate anything you want to track using your iPhone. The only questionable decision here to me is why the new Apple TV remove doesn’t include this capability? I don’t have a problem with losing my keys in the couch, Apple. I’m losing the remote!

Lastly, Ted Lasso season 2 coming in July. I love this show and can’t wait for the next season to drop.