Where’s the evidence that it’s safe to remove Texas’ mask mandate?

March 8, 2021

Another good one articulating the problem in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

We know that public health policy has been far more effective in dealing with the pandemic than individual actions alone. We understand the push to stimulate our economy and support our businesses. So why not start with increasing businesses’ allowed capacity to 100% while maintaining the mask mandate?

After talking with many people about the Governor’s announcements last week–it’s obviously been the talk of the town–it’s hard to find a non-political reason why this action was taken. The science doesn’t back it up. The experts weren’t even consulted.

The frustrating part of the removal of the mask mandate is that every business, school, church, and other organizations now have to put out their own policies and enforcement. It’s created an unnecessary amount of work and burden for these groups when there’s no reason for it.