Weather Line

March 2, 2021

Weather Line, my iPhone weather app of choice, is being acquired by an unknown source:

Weather Line has been beloved by so many people across its near-decade long life on the App Store. First and foremost, thank you to everyone that has supported the app over the years. We never could have imagined how far it would go. Weather Line has had a fantastic journey as an indie app, and we are grateful to all of you for that.

In recent months, we were approached by a buyer. They saw the uniqueness of Weather Line and the strong foundation we’ve built. While we aren’t able to provide further details on their future plans for the app, we hope you can understand, and will look forward to it.

First, it’s great to see a delightful indie app being acquired. I hope this means good things for the founders and it’s a decision that supports them. Second, it’s kind of a strange thing to announce an acquisition without naming the purchaser. I’m sure there’s reasons behind this, but it certainly makes me curious.

I’m sad that the app will be going away after another year but hopeful that the purchaser will do great things with it.