Posted on January 3, 2021

It’s really one of the best times of sports year. The regular season of the NFL is about complete with just one game to go tonight. What an interesting season this has been, and it’s a bit incredible that all of the games were actually played. Even with the scheduling nonsense of a few weeks ago, things worked out for the most part in the end. Quite the achievement, when you think about it.

The last few weeks of the season are really fun. They can be completely heartbreaking too, and I think I remember more of those seasons than the fun ones. Watching things fall into place is always a dramatic and interesting way to end the season.

This year, it’s been more fun than normal for me. My beloved Ravens clinched a playoff spot in the first wildcard, 5th overall seed in the AFC, with an absolutely crushing win over the Bengals today. Things looked a bit different than in 2017, when a last minute touchdown by the Bengals destroyed the Ravens’ playoff hopes that year.

Here’s to a good few weeks of football left. Things should be a lot of fun here, and it’ll be interesting to see who (if anyone) can topple the mighty Chiefs and win this thing.