Happy New Year

Posted on January 2, 2021

It's a new year, and a good time for optimism and looking forward. I'm certainly not alone in trying to move on. The past year certainly sure has been something to wish away.

There's still much work to be done to fight this virus. There's still civil unrest and significant racial problems to focus on. The politics of this country don't seem to be slowing down. Just because a number on a calendar is different today than last week doesn't mean our problems are solved. But it's still a chance to stop and consider what's next.

Hopefully 2021 is a year of being nicer to one another, being more compassionate for your fellow man, and being more respectful of this planet we call home.

I'm not into resolutions but I do have some things I'd like to do differently and not at all in 2021. There's no better time to start moving forward than now.

Here's to 2021.