What Joe Biden reads and watches

Linked on December 9, 2020

I thought this was interesting. A roundup of how president-elect Biden consumes his media, written by Daniel Lippman:

Biden is a devoted fan of the Apple News app on his iPhone, and frequently scrolls through it when he’s in a car, on a plane or just has some down time. (Playing chess and solitaire on his phone are also favorite activities.) He has the New York Times app on his phone, and a former Biden staffer said that when he was in the White House last time, Biden had the POLITICO app and checked it regularly.

He has the phone’s push notifications turned on: On the campaign trail, another Biden aide said, Biden would take meetings with his iPhone on the table in front of him and would get alerts from news apps. (The Biden aide declined to comment when asked if Biden still has his iPhone or if it’s having its security upgraded given that he’s about to become president.)