The MacStories Review of iOS 14

October 15, 2020

Federico Viticci has done an incredible job reviewing iOS 14 for MacStories. There is so much detail in here that it’s going to take a few days to read the whole thing. The animations and design of the review are delightful too. Bravo.

iOS and iPadOS 14 aren’t just reactionary updates to criticisms and feature requests though: upon further examination, both OSes reveal underlying threads that will shape the evolution of Apple’s platforms. With compact UI, the company is revisiting a principle introduced in iOS 7 – clarity and content first – with fresh eyes: the UI is receding and becoming more glanceable, but the elements that are left are as inviting to the touch as ever – quite the departure from Jony Ive’s overly minimalistic, typography-based approach. We see this trend everywhere in iOS 14, from phone calls and Siri to widgets, new toolbar menus, and Picture in Picture.