October 1, 2020

Summer is over. It’s officially October and here in Texas things are just a bit less hot than usual. (Temperature-wise, that is. The world continues to burn in so many ways.)

For the fall I’m trying something a bit new, for me. Every so often I’ll post a few links and thoughts that are on my mind or in my browser this week. Nothing too fancy. Just a place to get things down. I have a feeling the next 6 weeks are going to be quite interesting.

Blacklight – A real-time website privacy inspector by Surya Mattu and The Markup. This is a brilliant idea, and I’m glad someone took it on. Zero trackers on this site, of course.

Umami Analytics – Self-hosted, open source, and completely private analytics alternative for the basics. It’s not going to replace all of Google Analytics, but are you even using all of that stuff? I’ll be giving this a solid look soon.

The Calm Inbox Course – New course from Shawn Blanc and the crew at The Sweet Setup. Shawn’s work is always so well done. I’m not sure this one is for me–I’m already a crazy person about organizing email–but I’m glad this exists.

Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert – Jason is my favorite artist these days. His new album is fantastic, and so is this performance.

Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy – Available on Bandcamp tomorrow featuring Sturgill Simpson, John Prine, Pearl Jam, Margo Price, and more of Jason Isbell too.

32 days until the election.