Mozilla is laying off 250 people

Linked on August 13, 2020

Jacob Kastrenakes, reporting for The Verge:

Mozilla is laying off 250 people, about a quarter of its workforce, and plans to refocus some teams on projects designed to make money. The company will have roughly 750 employees going forward, a spokesperson confirmed.

[..] Mozilla makes most of its money from companies paying to make their search engine the default in Firefox. This includes deals with Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia, and most notably, Google in the US and most of the rest of the world. The company also makes money from royalties, subscriptions, and advertising, but those search deals still represent the “majority” of its revenue.

Tough news for Mozilla. They really do incredible work for the web community. It seems like the MDN, Firefox DevTools, and many other services will have little or no staffing to support the offerings. 

The community has put together a few nice resources and tributes to the Mozilla team:

Here’s hoping that Mozilla gets its act together, and can be a long-term player on the web like they’ve always been. 🙏