Three Weeks

Posted on April 4, 2020

Three weeks down. Who knows how many more to go? We are a bit over three weeks into our family’s social distancing. I’m not sure what to call it really, but we’re staying home and not interacting with anyone outside of the house except for an occasional run to the grocery store. Or to get tequila.

Three weeks ago our schools were still open. Restaurants were still open. There was toilet paper and packs of eggs in stores. If you were sick you could buy Tylenol and Advil. Hospitals had beds available. We were excited to start a new season of tee-ball and I was looking forward to the start of baseball, March Madness, and The Masters.

What a difference that three weeks make. We decided to pull our kids out of school before spring break and they haven’t returned since, and probably won’t finish out the school year. Our county announced a shelter-in-place order requiring everyone to stay home until at least May 20th. March Madness was completely canceled, The Masters is delayed (but probably canceled) and even the Olympics for this year are postponed until next summer. It feels like the whole world is on pause.

For the most part, our time as a family has been great. We’ve never spent this much time all together, and likely never will again. I’ve heard it takes humans a little more than three weeks to develop new habits and routines. This time doesn’t feel new any more and it feels like we’ve established our new routines. We’re slowly figuring out how to do home schooling. We’re adjusting to not being around friends and having things to do outside of our neighborhood. We’re finding new things to cook at home and creative ways to pass the extra time. I’m truly thankful for this time together as a family. As long as the Internet doesn’t go out, we’re doing just fine over here.

I’m anxious about the world around us. I see our family, and others we know, doing everything we can do to prevent the spread of this virus but it’s not enough. There are so many people around us that do not seem to understand what’s going on. They’re playing and interacting like nothing has changed and burying their heads in the sand. I heard one older Texas man say that “we all need to just put on our big boy pants and get on with life.” We continue to have awkward conversations with people about how we can’t meet up for a certain activity now how they can’t come visit right now. I don’t feel like I should have to explain, but I still do. It feels like we’re the ones doing something wrong, and the rest of the world is moving on without us sometimes. But that’s not the case. I know it’s not the case, and soon I hope everyone will understand it as well.

So three weeks down, and on to the next. April is going to be an interesting month. Stay safe out there.