Linked on April 1, 2020

Jahanzeb Sherwani announcing his new venture, Screen:

In 2013, I co-founded a company called Screenhero, which made an app that let pair programmers work together remotely. Through low-latency screen sharing and shared control, it let programmers code together on a Mac or Windows computer. Customers loved us, and voted with their wallets: once we started charging, we reached $1M in annual recurring revenue in 5 months. We had the choice of staying independent, but we opted to join forces with Slack, with the intention of embedding our product inside theirs, to reach more people faster than we could on our own.

In 2015, Slack acquired Screenhero, and I led the team that built Slack Calls: voice, video and screen sharing in Slack. We finally shipped interactive screen sharing almost three years later, but it wasn't as performant as Screenhero, and was eventually removed in 2019. Given that it was used by a tiny fraction of Slack's user-base, and had a high maintenance cost, this was the correct decision for Slack.

The old Screenhero was so great. Slack's video sharing was never the same and I'm so delighted these guys have returned with a new app.