Hiring at Automattic

April 18, 2020

Jerry Jones (no, not that one) writing about his interview and eventual hiring process at Automattic:

The entire hiring process is text based. Seriously.

Never once did I hear someone’s voice or do a video call. Until my first paycheck arrived, a part of me still believed it was all too good to be true, and it was just an elaborate prank.

They invited me to a slack channel, and I was free to ask questions and talk with the hiring team. They told me how they do what they call “async communication.” You can ask a question, and you may not get an answer for awhile, as the person may be in a totally different part of the world.

I found the idea of a Slack-only interview fascinating. I’m sure it can be difficult waiting for responses in the void sometimes, but this also seems like a great way to also respect the workload of those on the inside doing the interviews as well.

There’s some other interesting parts in the piece about coding tests and trial run too. It’s clear there has been some careful thought put into this process, and that’s nice to see.