Linked on March 5, 2020

I’m really enjoying Tot, a new utility from The Iconfactory. It's a simple little window with a few scratch pads for text, organized by color. Tot appears to be a very basic app on the surface but features an exceptional level of design quality and attention to detail. Interesting pricing model too: free on the Mac, $20 on iOS.  During the week I have about a million little text windows open with all sorts of scratch information. On iOS I've struggled to find a similar solution for these quick notes and pieces of text. I don't need to keep them forever, sometimes just a few minutes, so it's nice to have a little scratchpad that syncs. Tot also uses a small subset of Markdown, which is really handy for basic formatting. Even better: the library for handling Markdown was open sourced on Github. Worth the $20 price alone just to fund this library's development.