Making the Best of a Less-Than-Ideal Remote Work Environment

Linked on March 21, 2020

Some great suggestions on working from home by Matt Stauffer:

Today, I want to talk about remote work—especially right now, as so many people are unexpectedly being told/allowed to work from home—and how so much of it happens in less-than-ideal environments, and what we can do to make the best of it. I'll assume you're working from home, but many of these tips apply in other less-than-ideal remote work environments as well.

I agree with many of his tips. I've been working from home now for over 4 years and it took some getting used to in the beginning. Now I can't imagine anything else. 

While working from home takes some getting used to and people may not be as productive as before we have to remember that we're still in the middle of a global crisis, and that doesn't make working easier regardless of your work location.