The Iowa Caucus App

Posted on February 5, 2020

Primary season is underway. I would have thought that the parties, especially the Democratic party after its hacking woes in 2016 would have been more prepared. Dieter Bohn, for The Verge:
Below is a not-so-brief and nevertheless incomplete list of warning signs that I think anybody conversant with computers should have recognized as a red flag. I don't mean they should have recognized exactly why exactly each thing was wrong, but that they should have had the sense of tech scale to see that urgent questions needed to be asked and expertise sought out. These should have been emergency-brake moments, especially with an election at stake: The consulting group that made the app, Shadow, was paid just over $60,000 to develop the app, far less than it should actually cost to develop.
$60,000 sounds like a good start for an initial testing budget. Or perhaps just the stress and penetration testing budget. That amount for an app on multiple platforms is absurd.
Shadow itself reportedly didn't have the coding chops to pull off the app in the first place, especially on such a tight timeline. How carefully was this outfit vetted?
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