Posted on February 1, 2020

Happy New Year. Well sort of. It's February and I'm still kicking off the holiday dust and getting back into high gear. It's time to turn my attention to something I've wanted to do differently this year.

I've published something to this website for nearly two decades now. At first it was just a simple home page, hand edited in HTML and CSS like we did everything in the good ole days. For the better part of the past decade it has been a personal site with some occasional shots on my photos blog.

Later I tried posting links, articles, and thoughts about tech and more work-related topics. That was tough for me to keep up. I spend my entire week focused on work and the last thing I want to do in my spare time is think more about work stuff and post it here. So I stopped.

But I still love the idea of a blog here. I love the idea of posting thoughts and having some sort of a digital record throughout the years. I follow dozens of others' blogs and have kept up with some of them for many years. It's a joy to look back on past events and compare to the present.

I'm trying something new. Occasionally, I'm going to post some thoughts here. I'm calling it a journal. A journal to me is more personal than just a blog about work stuff. Sure, I have many thoughts on tech and products and work-y things. But there is more to life than just tech and work. If it feels right, I'll post about what's going on in life and my thoughts around it. It's not going to be a complete record, but it's a start. This should be fun. It shouldn't feel like work. I'm not going to feel guilty if I go months without posting. I'm not going to hold back if I have a lot to say in a short period of time. This isn't my job, it's just an outlet. It's my tiny little corner of the web.

I'd like to share more online this year. This is a start. I don't care about an audience. There are no analytics or tracking on this website. I'm posting this for me and if anyone finds it interesting, then that's wonderful.

Here's to sharing more in 2020, and hopefully beyond. Cheers.