Posted on February 8, 2020

This week I was in New York kicking off a project with a new agency partner of ours. (More on that another time, but it's something I'm very excited about.) As an ice-breaker during the meeting they asked everyone to talk briefly about a favorite new app or website we're using. One of my favorite new apps over the past year or so is a flight tracking app called Flighty. The app appears simple, but the level of information and attention to detail in its design is extraordinary. Flighty's flight tracking service will send push notifications about each step of your trip, and in my experience is always ahead of the actual data you receive from the airline itself. It lets me know when the flight plan is filed. It lets me know when the plane I'm taking arrives at the airport. And perhaps most importantly it tracks that inbound plane for a day or so in advance of my flight so if there's going to be a delay, I know about it early. The app keeps track of a flight's history so you can see the on-time percentages historically as well. There's also a ton of other flight nerdy tidbits, like the weather and time zone changes necessary for the arrival city. Highly recommended. Flighty is a joy to use. App Store Link