Pausing Spotify

June 22, 2024

A few years ago I switched to using Spotify full-time instead of Apple Music. I find Apple Music’s interface slow, buggy, and often downright non-functional. Spotify’s interface is fast, its search works every time, and the recommendations engine is far superior.

All of the problems with Apple Music remain, but I’m switching back.

Spotify seems like a mess as a company and it keeps pushing its agenda into my listening. I don’t want to listen to audiobooks, yet I continue to have to pay for them (until this week it looks like). I don’t care for its podcasting efforts, and strongly dislike its decisions around who to give truckloads of money to. I don’t like how Spotify treats or views artists. The list sort of goes on…

From everything that I can find online, Apple Music seems to pay artists better than Spotify. It’s hard to know the specifics of these deals but most reports show Apple Music at almost double the royalty of Spotify. This is great, and likely due to Apple not needing quite as much cash since they have a nice side business. Oh and Spotify’s plan prices are increasing again, for the second time in a year, without any indication that increased revenue will go artists.

So anyways, back to Apple Music.