Apple Intelligence

June 12, 2024

The headlining feature of Monday’s WWDC Keynote was clearly the introduction of “Apple Intelligence”, Apple’s newly minted name for all-things-AI at the company.

The first mention of “Artificial Intelligence” by Apple was over an hour into the keynote, when Tim Cook called the company’s initiatives “personal intelligence” and “the next big step for Apple.”

I love the framing of a “personal intelligence system”. It strikes a bold contrast between other AI tools that “use world knowledge” versus something that understands you.

Apple didn’t just roll out a bunch of models and developer jargon– they showed real features that use AI to enhance what you can do by yourself with these devices.

A few of the highlights for me were:

  • Rewriting emails in Mail looks really nice. It’s very clever how you can choose from different tones when writing. (Not holding out hope here for a “passive aggressive coworker” tone. 🤣)
  • Summarizing of emails in the messages list, instead of just showing the generic subject and pre-header for a mail messages is fantastic.
  • “Genmoji” to create your own “emoji”-style images for messages is super cool. This is going to get a ton of usage.
  • “Clean up” removes background details and people from photos. A year or so later than Google here, but a welcome addition for Photos.
  • The whole concept of Private Cloud Compute is very interesting and perfect for Apple’s brand.
  • The ChatGPT integration in Siri is a welcome addition, and will certainly be useful. I love how Apple is very clear before sending any data to OpenAI.

As mentioned in the keynote, I really dig how Apple Intelligence is being framed as an AI assistant that “context and meets you where you are.”