Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari

February 2, 2024

Major F1 news came down yesterday: Lewis Hamilton is joining Ferrari next year.

Luke Smith, writing at The Athletic:

It’s the kind of move F1 fans — and the figures at the top of the sport itself — could have only dreamed of ever happening. Partnering Hamilton, F1’s most famous and successful driver, with Ferrari, F1’s most famous and successful team, is box office stuff.

Ferrari will likely enter the 2025 season with the strongest lineup in F1 as Hamilton races alongside Charles Leclerc, its young star. As ‘superteam’ lineups go, short of the implausible prospect of Hamilton teaming up with Max Verstappen, it’s hard to think of any bigger.

Regardless of the outcome, this will be one of the defining stories in F1 for the next couple of years as the 39-year-old Hamilton bids to write the latest — and potentially final — chapter of his glittering F1 career in Ferrari’s famous red cars.

This was a complete shock. There’s certainly been rumors for years, but I never expected this to be a reality. How could Mercedes let this happen? Wow.