Notion Calendar

January 22, 2024

A new calendar app from Notion was announced this month. Notion’s calendar looks very nice. It appears to be (like Notion itself) a web-based calendar app but with a few native app wrappers. The integrations are nice: I was able to easily sign-in with my various Google Calendar accounts and also to a few Notion workspaces.

Overall it is a very nice little calendar app. Also nice that it’s just built into our existing paid Notion accounts so there’s nothing else to buy.

Design-wise it’s very clean and clear. One of the reasons I’m attracted to Notion is its clean design. The calendar fits right in.

The ability to connect to a Notion database in a calendar is really super nice and it’s something I really have wanted from Notion itself. I wish I didn’t need to use their calendar app to get my data out into a calendar. I’d much prefer to use Fantastical, but it doesn’t seem to be possible without third-party apps just yet.

It’s hard not to compare this launch with that of the HEY Calendar launched a few weeks earlier. Notion is a much more traditional approach to a calendar app. Both were easy to integrate with for external calendars. HEY’s approach is very different and thoughtful. Trying them both out for a few weeks to see which ideas stick.