January 15, 2024 at 8:25 AM

Fun weekend of NFL playoffs this weekend. With the Ravens on a first round bye week it was a nice low-stress way to enjoy the first round for me. This weekend will be a different story..

Saturday night’s Dolphins/Chiefs game was streaming-only, a first for an NFL playoff game. I’m curious how that experiment went. Younger and more tech-savvy fans surely had no problem, but I bet a ton of people that wanted to watch couldn’t find the game. Early reports give the broadcast a new streaming record, but seems to be far below the numbers for a typical broadcast in years past. The NFL seems to be really pushing towards streaming, which is very interesting to me over the long term. I wish baseball and basketball would make similar moves and further separate from the regional sports networks.

Another year, another Cowboys playoff meltdown. It’s comical at this point. Hard to see this organization not making serious coaching changes.

Nice to see the Lions get their first playoff win since 1991! Happy for Detroit this morning.

Two more games today for a MLK holiday doubleheader. Let’s go Buffalo!