Friday Links: January 19, 2024

January 19, 2024

Happy Friday. A few links and thoughts from the week:

  • The Obsessor – Matthew Panzarino’s new site launched late last year after he left TechCrunch. Added a $6/mo paid tier this month. Powered by Ghost, which seems to be a popular non-Substack solution these days.

  • reMarkable – reMarkable e-ink tablet for writing. I really like the idea of this. Pricing is reasonable, but with a pen and case adds up quick. I’ve been using an iPad for this purpose for now, but this is a really interesting idea too. (via The Obsessor)

  • Justin Jackson’s newsletter focus this year is on marketing and growth tips for SaaS founders. Subscribed.

  • Prompt 3 – Third version of the great terminal/SSH app for iOS and now the Mac. Been using the previous versions on my iPad for years. (Also, Panic’s app pages are just the best.)

  • Bluesky 2023 Moderation Report – Interesting to me to see a social platform reporting this type of data. Maybe it’s been done by others, but this is the simplest and clearest I’ve seen. There’s a lot of tooling behind the scenes to make this work.

  • Iowa sues TikTok over mature and inappropriate content accessible to minors. Don’t let your kids use TikTok people. Or any social media if you can.

  • Amazon to invest in Diamond Sports and bail out the bankrupt and poorly run regional sports networks. Three cheers for Amazon here. Please let us stream local sports easily.

  • Last but not least: pre-orders opened up this morning for Apple’s first Vision Pro release. Very curious how this release is going to go.