Arc Search

January 30, 2024

Arc Search is a new delightful and incredibly useful app from the Arc team. I keep trying to get used to Arc on my Mac but it hasn’t stuck for me. I just love the simplicity of Safari and it’s hard to shake for everyday browsing.

The mobile app is something entirely different. It’s a full browser to replace your default, yes, but it’s really focused on searching first and foremost. I love being able to type a search phrase and have the app “browse for me.” The “browse for me” feature summarizes the first few search results and makes a lovely compiled webpage for you to answer a question and give you links to sources.

Comparing this with a modern Google search result page is a breath of fresh air. No scrolling past 10 ads to get to an original content source. This is the best use of AI I’ve found for summarizing web search yet. It’s so cool and nicely designed. I don’t know if it’ll replace Safari on the phone for general browsing and reading, but I will definitely be using this for searching and research.