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I’m John Tornow. I’ve spent my career building software that makes a difference in people’s lives. My work has been used by millions of people and has been featured by Apple, Google, The New York Times, and others. I’m passionate about technology and creating beautiful experiences that people love to use.


I’m not currently available for hire. For the past year or so, I’ve been building Air Mail, a digital weekly magazine.


I co-founded a content aggregation and analytics startup called ZIG that has been written about in The New York Times, Fast Company, CNBC, and has been featured by Apple.

In 2019, ZIG was acquired by the Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Group.

I spent several years leading the development team and running business operations for a mobile design and development shop in Dallas. Under my leadership, we grew the team from a handful of people to over 60 employees and full-time contractors while working with nationally recognized brands.

Some time ago, I helped transform a beleaguered web presence for the Navy and Marine Corps into the highest customer rated deliverable for the world’s largest intranet while consulting at EDS. I architected large-scale online campaign and engagement sites for Chick-fil-A and The Home Depot while leading the technical development team at The Richards Group. I created a consolidated online portal and content management system for hundreds of disparate local chapters of The Salvation Army.


I am blessed to have worked with many amazing people in my career. Here are a few kind words some of them have said about me.

Andrew S. writes:

“John is an outstanding problem solver who happens to be a talented application developer. He has all the knowledge you would expect of a top-flight developer, but what makes him special is his ability to architect strategic solutions at the same speed other developers handle low level tasks. He is both a big-picture thinker and a detail-oriented craftsman who is more passionate about the results of his work than the means by which it is achieved. John is trusted, respected and admired by both his leadership and his teammates in a way I've rarely seen.”

Brad V. writes:

“Great developers are in short supply, but what makes John stand out is how approachable he is. He can be in a room of mixed disciplines: art directors, marketing people, other developers, and explain complicated things to them in plain English getting them all on the same page.”

Leia S. writes:

“John Tornow is absolutely one of the best, smartest, and most talented people I have ever worked with. He's personable, fast, has a great work ethic and solves problems with ease.”

Chris P. writes:

“John is, without a doubt, the most talented application developer I have worked with; and I've worked with quite a few. He continually challenges status quo development paradigms and pushes the envelope for web technology. He consistently delivers on time and is a real pleasure to work with.”

Joe W. writes:

“Not only is John one of the most talented developers I've ever met, but also he has an uncanny knack for remaining cool and calm under pressure. In the stressful world of web development it's easy to get caught up in the pressure of tight deadlines and demanding requests, but John is unflappable.”

Jon L. writes:

“His work changed the way I think about my work and broadened my understanding of [the role] software solutions can play in solving communications problems. Take all of that and add the fact that he is comfortable presenting his work and explaining complicated concepts to clients directly and you have a software engineer that will make your company look very smart.”

Ronnie, on Twitter, writes:

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